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Screen Printing vs. Embroidery

Screen printing and embroidery are by far the most popular methods of apparel decoration on the market. While screen printing definitely has the  majority share in the marketplace in some applications embroidery definitely has its strengths.

When you are deciding which garment decoration method to go with there are many variables to consider but here is where each method has its strengths.

Image size – Screen printing definitely wins out with larger image sizes. Embroidery can tend to gather the fabric and can also be a lot heavier and scratchier at large sizes. Embroidery will also be a lot more expensive at large sizes where as the price of screen printing doesn’t change that much between a small pocket print and a large back print.

Corporate look – Embroidery tends to have much appeal when it comes to corporate applications. Business shirts etc that have a small corporate logo embroidered on them tend to look a lot more professional that the equivalent with screen printing.

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Screen Printing vs. Embroidery